TasTalks – E-Scooter Sentiment Survey 2022

Tried it, loved it, want it

Almost seven out of ten survey respondents (68%) want e-scooters to remain after the current hire and ride trials end in Hobart and Launceston, regardless of whether they’ve used them or not, the latest research from EMRS reveals.

The EMRS TasTalks E-Scooter Survey found that awareness of the trials was high
among Tasmanians, at 99%.

Around one in four of the respondents had first-hand experience of using the hire and ride e-scooters (27%). Of these, most by far rated their experience highly (85%). The e-scooters were most popular with males aged 18 to 44 years of age.

Among the respondents who had not yet hired an e-scooter, 36% planned to do so before the trial ends. Those who had not tried the e-scooters, and would not consider trying them, were more likely to be people over the age of 55 and female.

E-scooters are used predominantly for short trips, 56% in total indicating that they use them for less than 15 minutes. The transport modes they tend to replace are predominantly walking (for 79%), followed by taxis and Uber (41%), car (37%) and bus trips (24%). The purpose of these trips falls into three main categories – socialising, recreation, commuting to work and shopping.

“Safety is a principal concern for both e-scooter users and non-users. However, the research also found that broad awareness of the guidelines of riding e-scooters is low. This is something that will need strengthening to ensure community safety and support”, said EMRS’ Managing Director, Paul Jamrozik.

The 68% support for the post-trial continuation of the hire and ride e-scooter service in Hobart and Launceston was strongest among respondents who have already tried the service, and the respondents who rated their experience very highly were almost all “definitely“ in support of its continuation (99%).

“It was also noted”, said Mr Jamrozik, “that among those who had used an e-scooter as part of the hire and ride trial, one in four would prefer to own an e-scooter rather than hiring one. This indicates that, irrespective of whether a hire and ride-type model continues at the conclusion of the trial, e-scooters will need to be integrated as part of the transport mix by local governments.

Mr Jamrozik added, “Going forward, the insights gathered will be of great interest to the community, to government at the local and state level, and to business. They point to wider possibilities and considerations for many other councils in Tasmania and across Australia who are currently trialing or considering e-scooters as part of an evolving transport offering for urban areas.”

The TasTalks online survey comprised of 635 Tasmanians aged 18 years old and is weighted to state population statistics.

The survey took place from 17-20 May 2022 using EMRS’ own online Community Panel of Tasmanians, along with promoting the survey via social media platforms. To join EMRS’ Panel and participate in other short and exciting online surveys, click the button below.

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