trust in proven experience,
fully resourced

We have over 30 years’ experience in the delivery of quality research,
underpinned by our specialist team and resources.


Our track record

CATI telephone surveys in the last 12 months
online surveys in the last 12 months
total surveys since 2012
research projects delivered annually

Our resources and capabilities


70+ seat in-house call centre.
Auto dialler calling landline and mobile phones.
100+ fully trained call centre interviewers.
Senior call centre supervisors ensuring rigorous training and monitoring of interviewers.


Fully functional online research offering.
Email distribution of online surveys and reminders.
100% control with ‘live’ data quality checks and updates to clients.
Our own EMRS Tasmanian panel of pre-screened adults who have agreed to participate in online surveys.


Focus group rooms at EMRS’ in Hobart, or booked at appropriate venues in other locations.
Video transmission and video/audio recording of focus groups for clients to assess the discussions first-hand.
In-house call centre and interviewers trained in recruiting and screening participants.
Our team of experienced senior researchers with extensive skills in hosting and moderating focus groups.


Efficient and accurate data collection on-the-ground at target locations through the use of tablets to record responses.
Uploading the results to our in-house system for analysis and reporting, ensuring 100% control over data security and quality.
Our select team of EMRS interviewers skilled in securing effective face-to-face intercept surveys and executing rigorous and objective mystery shopping assignments.


How will I establish the right research method and resources for my needs?


Our EMRS research team will guide you. We have the experience and expertise to determine the right choices for successful research outcomes.

Having undertaken literally thousands of research projects in the last 10 years, we can detail the benefits of the methodologies we recommend, and suggest approaches in exact accordance with the information required and time and cost considerations.


What are the services offered by EMRS in its reporting on the research?


We can provide clients with live interim updates during the project, and a full set of data tables on completion. Our summary written research reports present a useful snapshot of the key findings.

Our full reports are more comprehensive, with detailed analysis of the results, demographic reporting, and recommendations to assist with strategic development. Our senior team can also lead executive presentations of the results to clients for further clarification and exploration.